Monday, October 27, 2003

The Stranger By The Bay - 10-27-2003 blog entry - still cranking on getting this produced and ready, but it's basically DONE!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

BirdwellMusic, Citizen of - yes, I'm a citizen. I dumped my membership last year. I like the underground feel of this site. I don't have much on this site, but I'm thinking of doing a non-commercial ACID Jazz CD for fun - this is where I will likely post some of those offerings.

Hard to Find and Imported Music - this site lists my and Wade Marsten's CD, Two Voices. Search For "Bird From Mars" and you'll find it or at least you could as of this writing. This was/is a great progressive, alternative, pop, folk, CD - it was the culmination of my songwriting partnership and friendship with Wade Marsten - our music defied category and this CD failed to provide us with the industry "break" we were hoping for, but the music lives on. (Okay, okay - so it's imortalized in the hall of loosers, but alive and kicking nonetheless). Bitter sweet really. Here I am, serving up burgers and fries at my day gig (okay, so their bits and bytes, same thing really) and out of curiosity I run accross this...damn!

The $24 price tag for the CD is steep - there must have been a deal at some point. I've got my masters so I'm happy. I know Wade has his share too, not to mention the amazing costs of producing this puppy.

I've got many audio offerings of this fine CD on my site - check them out - following the music links or search for Bird From Mars - you'll find 'em:

Rob Birdwell