Monday, September 15, 2014

Musings and Gigs for Fall 2014

Fall is fast approaching - here's a quick list of some of the gigs I have coming up:

  • September 27 - Private gig with LMNO - see you if you're in on this!
  • September 30 - Early Bird Jazz Band at Linus Pauling Middle School will start up our early morning sessions!  I direct this before-school program and it's a lot of fun!
  • October 17 - The Svens at Imagine Coffee! 7:30pm
  • October 18 - Creighton Lindsay Band plays 2 Towns Cider @  2pm
  • October 24 - Sideways Portal Sandbox plays The Magic Barrel @ Whiteside Theater
And more coming soon - check my calendar for the latest.

And what will I be musically busy with this Fall?

  • Practicing lots of course!  I enjoy performing but it all starts with preparation!
  • Writing new tunes - got lots of them brewing and I'm excited about the next batches!
  • Teaching an online Jazz History course at OSU - this always inspires me as I learn lots too!
I'm definitely missing not conducting another Halloween with Harry concert with the OSU Symphony..  We had three great seasons of Harry & the music of John Williams and they were all very magical - a great run...but alas, not this season.

More Music Videos for Blue Macabre?

My plan was (and remains) to find new or compelling ways to share my music.  I've dabbled with making a few fairly humble videos so far.  I "orchestrated" my own pseudo "framework" so that I could easily script out lyric videos.  Both Swimming Upstream and Nobody's Business leverage this framework.  I can use this framework to do some simple animations/motion, lighting and display the lyrics in time with the music.  Used in combination with traditional video editing tools, there are some neat things that can be done.  I'd like to take a slightly bigger step this fall and produce a more "real" music video for my song, My Muse.  Again, I'll keep you posted.  And if you would like to help me produce it, don't hesitate to contact me! 

Rob Birdwell and his Ridiculous One-Man Band

Okay, so this isn't really even really a thing yet.  But something I've been dabbling with for a while.  I've got a lot of tunes (old, new and in-the-making) that would be fun to perform live.  And I doubt I'd be completely solo - would like to mix it up with some special guests/friends, stories, readings and of course, original songs.  I'm aiming for something mid-November...we'll see as to the when and where...I need a bit of time to re-learn how to play/perform my own songs!

Oh - did I mention I have a new CD of original songs out?

Blue Macabre is released and available just about everywhere!  I will almost always have CDs and/or download cards with me at gigs...just ask and we'll begin the negotiation.  I warn you, I'm a complete sucker and you'll likely get the best of me.

This time of year always feels like such a transition - a new beginning with every season.  Much to look forward to.  Much to be grateful for.  

Here's to a happy and safe autumn to you all!