Monday, June 09, 2014

Swimming Upstream

It's always interesting when a song I wrote shares the same title with some other tune, book or movie.  My song "Swimming Upstream" shares the same title as this movie of the same name - well, since I love swimming (and swimming-related stories) looks like I'll need to watch this film!

And last night while watching the Tony Awards (and dang if I don't wish I could somehow see every single one of the musicals and plays they honored), I witnessed a fantastic song and dance production of the classic number, 'Tain't Nobody's Business" (a song written in 1920 by Porter Grainger and Everett Robbins and adapted for the Woody Allen musical, Bullets Over Broadway) which shares a similar enough title to my own tune, "Nobody's Business", that I have to admit I was relieved to hear I hadn't subconsciously ripped off any aspect of that tune.

Still, with the authorship of our respective tunes nearly 100 years apart, it was interesting that the sentiments were similar (starting with the title and diverging from there), even though the lyric, style and approach of our respective tunes were completely different.  I'll post more on my song Nobody's Business another day; but for now, here's my song, Swimming Upstream which shouldn't be confused with the Geoffrey Rush movie Swimming Upstream - but, hey, 'tain't nobody's business if you do! ;)