Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sideways Portal at Sunnyside Up Cafe - Two Shows: April 28 and May 5

Come check out a new musical collaboration - we're called "Sideways Portal" and the group features the talents of Dave Storrs (percussion), Page Hundemer (bass), John Bliss (guitar) and myself, Rob Birdwell (trumpet/flugelhorn). Future incarnations of the group will likely include Mike Curtis (tenor sax/clarinet).

Though we've been foraging together for several months, working on our sound and approach, we'll finally make our public debut at Sunnyside Up cafe in Corvallis on Monday April 28, followed up by an encore performance the next week on Monday May 5. Both shows start at 6pm and we'll play until 8pm. Hope to see you there!

This should be a treat - we'll offer up what Dave Storrs likes to describe as "spontaneous compositions" - inspired by a strong undercurrent of contemporary Jazz and World music, our sound is the product each performer responding and contributing, leading and following, listening and ultimately going where the musical journey goes - all the while with a that certain je ne sais quoi, which if I recall my junior high school French, means quite literally "that which swings cool baby."

Hope you can make it to Sunnyside Up cafe on Monday April 28 and/or Monday May 5 - the "Sideways Portal" may be just the thing you're looking for!