Wednesday, November 03, 2010

5th and B Perform at Cloud 9 for Brass Ring Carousel Benefit

5th & B
In a benefit concert for 
The Albany Brass Ring Carousel

Saturday, November 6, 9:00 P.M. 
Cloud 9,  First St.  Corvallis, OR 

5TH & B, an 8-piece ensemble thatplays spontaneous and original compositions, is pleased to perform a benefit concert for Albany’s Brass Ring Carousel project.

5th & B consists of Dave Storrs, Rob Birdwell, Page Hundemer, John Bliss, Ben Mutschler, Mike Curtis, Fred Berman, and Dave Leslie.  Collectively they play trumpet, flugelhorn, soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones; clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, electric bass, electric guitar, exotic stringed instruments, keyboards, trap drums and a wide range of percussion instruments from all over the world. In their music you will hear influences from Africa, jazz, the Middle East, klezmer, Americana, blues, Dixieland, and classical music.  Their sound has been described as a combination of Weather Report and Charles Mingus with a village’s drum circle thrown in.  For this concert band members have composed several original pieces inspired by the carousel project.

Albany’s Brass Ring Carousel is being built largely by volunteer help not far from the Willamette River in downtown Albany at 503 First Avenue West. When finished there will be a most colorful menagerie of 54 or more hand carved animals in the style of Victorian era carousels. Visitors and volunteers are always welcome between 10 AM and 4 PM Monday through Saturday. There is no admission fee. Come down for a visit. Chances are, after seeing this project, you’ll want to become involved! Go to  for more information.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

5th and B Tune List

The following are the 5th and B tunes to date, not including the tunes we invent on the spot:

  1. The Amazing Flying Pickle
  2. Amber Grass
  3. Beached
  4. Better Times
  5. Buddy Collette
  6. Carousel Dreams
  7. Cub Scouts Barbecue
  8. Dancing Boys
  9. Eleven Bars
  10. Essential
  11. Flat Tire Blues
  12. Fourth Way
  13. Fragments
  14. GT Waltz
  15. Kazimierz
  16. Lopin' (Ben's new tune, no charts)
  17. Memories of a Bright Yellow Object in the Sky
  18. Naftule Spilt fur dem Rebn
  19. Nervish
  20. Pissedofflogy / Annoyedology
  21. Puppy
  22. Queen Anne (as dead as)
  23. Righteous
  24. Sahara
  25. Samsiye
  26. Sayulita Smiles
  27. A Sevdah Waltz
  28. Some Tune
  29. Southtown
  30. Sunday Night in Jerez
  31. A Walk in the Park
  32. Welcome to the Big Top
  33. Ya ya ya
  34. Zibibidee Bow da Bow

5th and B are Dave Storrs (drums/percussion/trombone/vocals), Page Hundemer (bass), Dave Leslie (keys), John Bliss (guitar), Rob Birdwell (trumpet/flugelhorn), Fred Berman (flute/alto/tenor/clarinet/bass clarinet), Mike Curtis (soprano sax/bass clarinet/e flat and b flat clarinets), Ben Mutschler (tenor sax/bass clarinet)