Sunday, December 28, 2008

Licks on Demand

So, you want to know more about my Licks on Demand service?! Cool!

Simply put, I'm a professional Trumpet/Flugelhorn player, composer, and arranger. I also play Tenor Sax. If you need a little bit of "real" horn sound for your own song, composition, or production, I can do the job. My services are well within just about anyone's budget. And remember: "real" instruments can make a recording or demo stand out from the crowd. Your music deserves the best, right?

Although, it's difficult to put a price on this type of limited service, I sort of do. I charge only $10 for a short riff - we're talking 10 to 15 seconds of a recorded solo Trumpet line (with or without a mute)...and I typically throw in a bit more to give you an option or two.

I can offer up a range of different mutes (Harmon, cup, straight, plunger - even grunts, growls, etc.) and other nuanced effects to get just the right sound for your project. After I've recorded your "Licks on Demand" in my studio, I will upload the file(s) to my server where you can download them at your leisure and then incorporate them into your production.

Still interested? Have a project where just a little live Trumpet, Flugelhorn, or Sax would be nice for your project? Here's what we can do:
  • Contact me with a description of what you are looking for. For example: "A short, bluesy little solo in the key of C." Tell me the tempo in beats per minute, if you know it, or just say whether it's slow, medium or fast. Be as detailed as you need to be - or not!
  • I'll reply to your request and let you know if I'm available to do the job (I almost always am!)
  • If it seems like a typical "Licks on Demand" request ($10) you'll need to pay me that before I record a single lick. If it seems like what you're needing is a bit more involved we'll talk and we can work out a reasonable compensation.
I take my music seriously and I know you do too. I believe you'll be happy with what you get from this service - at least that's always my hope.

Send advance payment for your Licks on Demand request via PayPal.


Rob Birdwell

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Here's a little mashup using Microsoft's PopFly technology. Honestly, I didn't really get the PopFly concept when a browsed by it several months ago. But Silverlight technology and development is compelling (finally - can we please have a rich web that doesn't involve endless state and postback management!), albeit the barrier to entry seems a little high for me right now (like I want to spend all my time geaking out with Expression Blend and Visual Studio...flash still seems easier for my musician chops - long live SwishMax!)

Anyway, here's a simple and cheesy mashup which combines two things precious to me: a love of asteroids (the game - pretty much the only game other than Frogger that I've ever loved) and music, particularly the stuff I'm collaborating on right now with Sideways Portal

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sideways Portal - Live Sounds from Cloud 9 on 2008-12-05

Here's a playlist of some of the inventions from the Sideways Portal live performance at Cloud 9 on Friday, December 5 2008.

Dave Storrs (drums/trombone), Page Hundemer (bass), John Bliss (guitar), Rob Birdwell (trumpet/flugelhorn)...with Ben Mutschler (tenor sax) and Chris Rorrer (cello)