Friday, April 09, 2004

Cakewalk Loops

Cakewalk Loops - a very good source for audio loops. And don't forget to check out Rob's Birdwell's Real Trumpet Audio Loop Library, a great source of Trumpet and Flugelhorn licks and one-shots which also features a wide assortment of mutes.

Here's a demo of Real Trumpet in action (MP3 format).


Thursday, April 08, 2004

Real Trumpet - Audio Loop Library

Real Trumpet - Audio Loop Library - this week's musical blog showcases my Real Trumpet audio loop library. It contains over 500 high quality ACIDized audio loops! Jazzy licks, funky groove solo clips, falls, glisses, sustained notes. This collection also features Flugelhorn (which blends amazingly well on just about any style of music) and various mutes (cup, harmon, plunger).

Listen to the Pumping It (MP3) demo of Real Trumpet in action and you'll hear for yourself. The Real Trumpet audio loop library will compliment and meet the most demanding composer/producer needs. And for the price, currently only $19.95 (and that includes shipping in the U.S.A.) is an amazing deal which probably won't last for long!

View the Flash Demo of Real Trumpet - pretty cool stuff!

I enjoy playing live - but I can't be everwhere. That's why I put together the Real Trumpet audio loop library. Now at least I can be heard everywhere!


Rob Birdwell - composer and performer of Real Trumpet