Thursday, November 30, 2006

X Factor - a new tune for small combo

I usually write out my tunes first, then record them, but with this particular tune, (entitled "X Factor") I decided to record a simple demo with some percussion, bass, guitar and Flugelhorn. Now that it's scored (and you can download the parts from the links below), I'm pretty happy with the form and chords - the melody is understated...and there's some room to grow (for example when it's arranged for a larger group)...and that's sort of nice I think. In my demo solo (my first real stab at playing through the changes) you can hear that I'm exploring a bit, testing the waters with some ideas, but it's "real" and but a mere moment of making music with the machines in my basement! Naturally, this musical setting will be much more fun to bring to life with the guys in the XTET! There's nothing particularly deep about the title "X Factor" - X is a pretty snazzy little letter (it marks the spot, so they say) and over the last three years I've enjoyed many-a-gig with the XTET guys...and that musical relationship is extremely meaningful and deep- so that's "X Factor" I suppose. Enjoy!

X Factor (MP3 Audio Demo) by Rob Birdwell

X Factor (Bb Flugelhorn Part) by Rob Birdwell

X Factor (Concert Lead Part) by Rob Birdwell

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Boogie Boogaloo - Score Demo

In the spirit of the blues, Boogie Boogaloo provides a unique chord progression to blow over with a melody that lays and plays right! Introduce this tune to your small group and get 'em dancing! I encourage public performances of my work...all I ask is that your keep me posted of when and where you perform my work. I'm always interested in live recordings of my tunes, so send me a link if you make a particular hot live recording. And do contact me if you have more "commercial" interests for any of these tunes - I encourage those too!

Boogie Boogaloo - B Flat / Flugelhorn Part, by Rob Birdwell
Boogie Boogaloo -Concert Part, by Rob Birdwell

Wednesday, November 01, 2006