Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Musical Collaborations Online

This piece on NPR about the growing maturity and acceptance of online musical collaborations is mighty interesting. Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane jammed over the phone, so the evolution of this technology makes perfect sense.

My first random musical "WebJam" happened in 2003 and was with some musicians that I didn't know from a site that originated in Germany - posted was a a synthy groove with some pretty cool chord changes...I liked the groove so I loaded in the basic mix into my DAW, added my Flugelhorn jam track, then uploaded my take to their was subsequently's the result:

Rob's Flugelhorn WebJam with various folks

Now, in 2007, we have a plethora of sites/services (very easy to use and sophisticated) that allow us to musically collaborate with our close associates or total strangers:

Saturday, May 26, 2007

CCT Ragtime - KGAL Interview

Here's a radio interview with Mary Jeanne and myself (recorded Wednesday, May 9, 2007) with KGAL host Craig Solomon

This was fun to do - Mary Jeanne is a real pro at this stuff, and Craig was a very nice host.

Two quick corrections:
  • Ragtime actually won the Tony awards in 1998, not 1995
  • I don't believe I sound quit this dorky in real life (okay, so I probably do!)
Archive radio link:

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ragtime Orchestra Dress Up Themes

May 10: Formal Night
May 11: Formal Night
May 12: Jazz/Ragtime Night
May 13: Dress like your mom or how your mom would dress you night
May 16: Crazy Hat night
May 17: Wacky Tie Night
May 18: Movie (characters) Night
May 19: OSU/School Spirit Night
May 20: Teddy Bear Night
May 23: Black Clothes Night
May 24: Pajama Night
May 25: Miss-matched clothes Night
May 26: Formal Night
May 27: Formal Night

Thanks to Ryan B. (Trumpet) for putting these themes together - I think they're great! Naturally, you're free to dress how you want, but here are the dress themes for all of our shows - have fun! -Rob