Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ragtime Orchestra Dress Up Themes

May 10: Formal Night
May 11: Formal Night
May 12: Jazz/Ragtime Night
May 13: Dress like your mom or how your mom would dress you night
May 16: Crazy Hat night
May 17: Wacky Tie Night
May 18: Movie (characters) Night
May 19: OSU/School Spirit Night
May 20: Teddy Bear Night
May 23: Black Clothes Night
May 24: Pajama Night
May 25: Miss-matched clothes Night
May 26: Formal Night
May 27: Formal Night

Thanks to Ryan B. (Trumpet) for putting these themes together - I think they're great! Naturally, you're free to dress how you want, but here are the dress themes for all of our shows - have fun! -Rob

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