Wednesday, December 29, 2004

SNL - I Need More Cowbell

One of the great musical skits of our time - can we ever get enough cowbell?

more cowbell SNL skit

Monday, December 06, 2004


If you play in a Jazz/Funk combo, consider adding my new tune, Frumpy, to your set list. This playful pentatonic number is fun to play and fun to solo over.

Frumpy - B Flat Part.pdf
Frumpy - Concert Part.pdf

And if you play it, say it! ("Hey, folks - we're gunna do a new one by Rob Birdwell...hope you like's called 'Frumpy' we, two, three, f...") Just let me know and I'll feature you and/or your group on my blog space - just send me links to your site, tell me a bit about how it all went, provide a link to the audio mp3 file to you or your group's performance of Frumpy and I'll post a short feature piece about it on

And if you decide to record to Frumpy on your next CD,! Of course you have my permission. I only ask that you send me notice of your intent to do so (Example: "Hey Rob, we want to include your tune 'Frumpy' on our next CD - is that cool with you?" Rob's reply: "You bet!") in the very unlikely chance that there are any author royalties that need to come my way. (Yea I know I'm dreaming...this is Jazz after all!).

Anyway, like any writer/performer, it's great when the music is alive and people breath life into it - so put Frumpy on your set list and have some fun with it!

Rob Birdwell

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Music Contracting Services

Want live music for your corporate event, company party or social gathering? Contact Rob Birdwell for a FREE consultation. Professional ensembles made up of some most talented performers in the region will brighten any occasion. All styles of music: Jazz, Rock, Country, Pop, Soul, Classical and more! Serving most of western Oregon, including Corvallis, Albany, Eugene, Salem, Portland, and surrounding areas.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Jeff Helgesen's Home Page

Jeff Helgesen's Home Page - one of the best and most interesting trumpet related sites, particularly for Jazz players, that I've seen. Solo transcriptions , articles and various links to the masters, teachers, insights...there's just a LOT of great material - check it out!

Rob Birdwell

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Yamaha's Digital EZ Trumpet

Cheesy, goofy, flying-in-the-face-offensive to "real", where can I get one of these bad boys?!!!

Rob Birdwell