Monday, December 06, 2004


If you play in a Jazz/Funk combo, consider adding my new tune, Frumpy, to your set list. This playful pentatonic number is fun to play and fun to solo over.

Frumpy - B Flat Part.pdf
Frumpy - Concert Part.pdf

And if you play it, say it! ("Hey, folks - we're gunna do a new one by Rob Birdwell...hope you like's called 'Frumpy' we, two, three, f...") Just let me know and I'll feature you and/or your group on my blog space - just send me links to your site, tell me a bit about how it all went, provide a link to the audio mp3 file to you or your group's performance of Frumpy and I'll post a short feature piece about it on

And if you decide to record to Frumpy on your next CD,! Of course you have my permission. I only ask that you send me notice of your intent to do so (Example: "Hey Rob, we want to include your tune 'Frumpy' on our next CD - is that cool with you?" Rob's reply: "You bet!") in the very unlikely chance that there are any author royalties that need to come my way. (Yea I know I'm dreaming...this is Jazz after all!).

Anyway, like any writer/performer, it's great when the music is alive and people breath life into it - so put Frumpy on your set list and have some fun with it!

Rob Birdwell

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