Monday, February 09, 2004 - Charting, Graphs, Web Services!

We interrupt this Musical Blog to plug this Corvallis, Oregon based software company, ProWorks specializes in charting and statistical graphing software. They also provide consulting services for an ever-growing number of companies, including Hewlett-Packard, NASA, and Battelle.

The ProWorks Flipper Web Service is particularly powerful and flexible. choose the ProWorks Flipper Web Service because it was easy and powerful enough to serve our needs. has devised a very powerful "templates" (XML) model. Their charting web service is fast and "real-time" data updates are easily accomplished.

The ProWorks Flipper Web Service can be accessed by a variety of technologies, including Java, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, and more!

For Microsoft Windows based developers (web or desktop) the Flipper Graph ASP and Flipper Graph Control are must-haves. The useful examples, powerful functionality, flexibility, and ease-of-use of these powerful controls make them excellent choices for enterprise developers.

The ProWorks .NET charting technologies build upon the strong feature set of the ProWorks Flipper based charting technologies, with all the benefits of .NET.

In summary, I'm pretty Jazzed about - the support team and products really ROCK! and their charting Web Services are serving our needs. If you're considering charting and graphing products, be sure to evaluate the suite of products and services.


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