Tuesday, November 30, 2004

As Dreamers Do

Here's a lead sheet to a new tune: "As Dreamers Do" - the links are Adobe PDF files:

As Dreamers Do (B-Flat Lead Sheet)
As Dreamers Do (Concert Lead Sheet)

I wrote "As Dreamers Do" in the typical "jazz standard" form (yea, whatever that is!) - it's lyrical, harmonically diverse, and the melody is intended to be freely adapted by the player.

Benny Golson, in particular, was a source of inspiration for this tune, not only as a player but for his approach to ballad writing. "I Remember Clifford" was and will forever be one of the standards every trumpet/flugelhorn player knows and loves.

Meanwhile, I'll keep writing 'em and hopefully my friends and associates will play 'em. I'm playing 'em too.


Rob Birdwell

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