Monday, July 04, 2005

Peace Is Patriotic

Peace Is Patriotic words and music by Rob Birdwell

Just a little song to sing
On the fourth of July
A simple tune with simple words
So give it a try

You can play it slow
Or play it fast
But either way the sentiment
Is bound to last

'‘Cause everybody knows
Peace is patriotic
Everybody knows
Love is all we need

(Jam, Sing, dance, repeat as needed...)

Copyright (c) 2005 Rob Birdwell,

Download the sheet music to "Peace Is Patriotic" as a PDF.

I encourage anyone who wants to perform this song for private/non-profit events to please feel free to do so - I only ask that you contact me when and where you performed it. Additionally, I'd love to hear a recording of your live performance (nothing fancy!) so record it if you can and send me a link! This is a simple sing-along song for everyone to sing and perform, regardless of musical ability. Simple percussion, gazoos, a guitar or two, voices...even a Flugelhorn, etc. will all work fine. Thanks. Rob Birdwell

For commercial use and/or commercial licensing of this song and/or the lyrics, please contact me.

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