Friday, September 16, 2005

Artist Share

Wow! Artist Share is really something special - check it out!

Ever want to study the score(s) of active (working) composers, arrangers...people who are writing and working with some of the best musicians in the world? Well, I sure do! And now anyone can. I should mention that there's usually a fee involved - but the fees scale; in other words, there's usually something for everyone and the fees (per artist) are reasonable and well worth it in my opinion.

I've been particularly inspired by Maria Schneider's site and her artistshare offerings - her lectures share insights into her various approaches to composing and arranging, which range from a sometimes whimsical approach (free flowing, uninhibited, dreamy) to her ability to articulate the nuts and bolts behind the inspiration, and analyze and evolve those musical nuggets into musical creations that are simply top drawer!

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