Tuesday, February 07, 2006

One For The Road - Glenn Tilbrook DVD

I'm a big fan of Glenn Tilbrook's work, solo and with Squeeze. He really puts a great deal of craft into his songs and production - he's quite an amazing singer/songwriter and I always enjoy and appreciate his work.

Years ago, I had the opportunity to hear him (along with fellow Squeeze writing partner, Chris Difford) perform an "unplugged" set in a small music shop in Los Angeles - it was spectacular! What a performer - what a rapport with the audience. Naturally, I was very interested to read film maker/Director Amy Pickard's posts a couple years ago saying she'd filmed a portion of Glenn's RV tour of the U.S. After much hard work and quite a bit of help from many talented folks, the DVD is complete and available on Amazon.com!

This DVD is a must-have for Glenn/Squeeze affectionados. And believe it or not, I'm actually listed in the end credits on the DVD! Go figure! I made a very modest donation to help out with production costs (per Director Amy Pickard's request - hey, this is, after all, Glenn Tilbrook...his movie, story - well worth it!) - and because she's clearly amazingly organized and super generous herself, Amy listed my name (along with about 20 other "Financial Contributor" folks) in the credits at the end of the movie. Sweet!

Now if I (Rob Birdwell- musician and performer himself...hint, hint), can somehow get invited to play, for example, a bit of Flugelhorn on a new Glenn Tilbrook track - now that would be very cool! (There, I said it - but alas, I won't hold my breath for Glenn's RV to honk in front of my driveway!) But, hey, what would life be without a pipe dream or two? Well, here's one that's certainly no pipe-dream:

Glenn and Willie Nelson - yes, I do believe this collaboration will bear fruit. Somehow, some way, we're going to hear Glenn Tilbrook and Willie Nelson performing together. (Like Kate Bush sings: "just saying it can even make it happen...") - so I'm saying it here and now.

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