Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Studio Tracks Coming - Someday

Just a post to get back to my musical roots - in addition to playing scores of Jazz gigs over the last year I've been chipping away at my own "produced" tracks. At first I thought I'd release a collection of purely "Jazz" tunes - nothing pop, country or disco! But it turns out that that is just too much of a restriction for me! And it's very challenging, for me at least, to write, produce and perform a purely Jazz CD (whatever that means in this day and age) with a band of one! Try as I might, I simply couldn't resist writing some tunes with vocals. I'm even experimenting with a story-telling, poetry thing with a jazzy/funk underscore. I'm shooting for about 8 tracks for the CD. No date projected for the release but I'm hoping to get something out by late 2006 or early 2007. I've got a few in the can already...well, sort of.

Possible titles on my yet-to-be named CD include:
  • Shameless
  • Aerostar
  • Ghost at the Gig (The Ballad of Frankie Templeton)
  • Lament
  • Listen To The Children
  • Homemade Movie
  • Incantation #1, #2, #3
  • ... ??

This will clearly be a "homemade" work - written and recorded in my basement studio! But I'm hopeful I will capture a little of what I had in my head to the tracks.

More to come I suspect...


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