Thursday, April 30, 2009

Contest - Connect to and Win

My team of web analytic sources tell me that my web site needs to get a bit more connected with my fan and support base. So we're having a contest with cool prizes to encourage folks to link to from their personal or company web site and/or blog. Obviously, we're not looking to link with just any old site - but rather, sites that are musical, artistic, and share common themes with

Here are the contest guidelines (subject to change) - naturally, donations and outright bribes will improve your chances in this respectable and completely random contest:
  1. Signed "Bootleg Edition" of Rob Birdwell's Portrait CD
  2. Real Trumpet Volume 1 Audio Loop CD - a $19.95 value!
  3. Virtual Trumpet (licensed copy) - a $15 value!
  4. A free 20 minute musical consultation with Rob Birdwell to review your musical goals and get some tips for your playing, improvisation, composing, and/or songwriting - priceless?
If you are selected as a winner, I will additionally set up a permanant link from my site to your site or Blog. And naturally you will be blogged about, twittered, and otherwise bask in a favorable glow of attention from for years to come in appreciation for your winning ways and obvious good taste!

Contest Tips:
Finding something to link to on from your website or blog should be very easy. Here are some tips:
So act now by linking to my site and then contact me with the link info and who knows? Maybe you'll be a winner!

Good luck!

1 comment:

Rob Birdwell said...

It was a whirlwind of a contest. But there had to be a congratulations Bella (our dog!) - you showed the most loyalty of just about anyone out there. I know if you could get out there on the internet, you'd sniff up some good stuff. I'll take you for a walk later on and we'll talk about your prize!