Friday, April 02, 2010

The Svens at Bombs Away Cafe April 10, 2010

The Svens will once again perform at Bombs Away Cafe Saturday, April 10.

It will be an extra special night of music - a double header!  Starting around 8:30pm we'll perform "Hulda's Story" - the narrative is a real letter from a grandfather to his granddaughter, Hulda, reporting on his adventures exploring Alaska.  Various surf tunes are crafted into the mix along with some tasty sound bytes by Viking.

(Incidentally, we recently performed "Hulda's Story" for the real Hulda, still going strong in her 90's, at her residence in Lebanon, Oregon in March.  We toned things down a bit for the room (what we call Svens Sv-unplugged) it was particularly moving to hear Hulda talk at the conclusion about her grandfather - sounded like an amazing fellow.)

Then around 9:00pm or so we'll perform an all new rendition of "The Blacksmith" - new tunes, sound bytes and a fresh take on this classic show.

And the evening will be extra, extra special because we'll be celebrating a great new CD recording release of the previous show "Doc" - I think it's the best recording yet of The Svens.  The band is tight and the Sax parts are beginning to sound like a real Sax player is playing them! (Ha!)  I know Viking worked very hard on the mixes, fixing our glitches and making it come to life - some of the best Sven studio takes yet. So bring your CD money too and take some Svens music home for the whole family to enjoy!

See you there!

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