Monday, March 28, 2011

Chris Botti in Corvallis with the Corvallis-OSU Symphony

A show that took nearly two years of planning and hard work by so many folks is finally just around the corner:  "Chris Botti in Corvallis with the Corvallis-OSU Symphony" - wow, what a nice thing to be able to say!
The Corvallis-OSU Symphony will complete its final rehearsals this week and then on Friday, April 1, we finally get to put it all together with Chris Botti and the band! (And again on Saturday, April 2.)  It's a great honor for me to have this opportunity to guest conduct the orchestra and be part of this musical event.  What seemed like a somewhat whimsical notion back in June of 2009 (beginning with Dr. Marlan Carlson's intension to put together a "pops" concert in 2011) has manifested into a truly amazing reality thanks to a series of very fortunate events and many talented and dedicated individuals.

Seems like everywhere I go in town there's some sort of reminder of what's to come:  posters, radio ads, a "welcome home" banner over Harrison Boulevard for Chris Botti, articles, and a cast of many organizing, planning, collaborating and doing everything possible to make the shows the success I'm certain they will be.

Combining a 60 piece orchestra and Chris' world-class touring band is something you might not read much about, but it's something quite special - and rare.  Just about everyone has seen that sort of format before - maybe on TV, the Oscars, PBS, etc.  But how often do Corvallis area musicians get this type of performance opportunity?  I don't know the exact answer, but I do know about 60 or so musicians who will be able to tell you all about it very shortly.

Here's to whimsical dreams!

P.S.:  if you want tickets, you might still be able to get them - but you'll never know unless you try!

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grandjunctionbroker said...

Thanks for posting this on Facebook. Not that we'll be able to attend. :)