Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Constant Guard Security Messing up Composing and Music Tools

After a couple weeks of seeing weird stuff with my computer keyboard (typing in alpha characters and only seeing numbers) I was even more confounded when I attempted to compose some music this morning using Finale only to find I couldn't enter any notes because my keyboard mapping was completely foo-bar...attempts to enter notes through Speedy Entry were just producing random rhythms - very frustrating, particularly when my creative windows of time are very limited - if I'm bogged down with technical glitches then that pretty much spoils the mood and the ideas are lost in the wind.

So realizing that I'd recently updated my Norton Antivirus (from comcast.net) I deduced that one of those components was responsible - and simply by uninstalling the "Constant Guard" component I was able to get my computer back (although it did require a reboot).

Maybe there's a way to make CG behave nicely...but my feeling was that it was doing way more harm than good.

Now, where was I?  Dang, another lick lost...

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