Saturday, August 09, 2014

Blue Macabre - new songs by Rob Birdwell releasing on 9/1/2014

I'll be releasing a new CD on September 1, 2014 (on CDBaby). This is exactly the album I wanted to make - new and original songs that I love to sing; songs with horns (just about every track features my horn work either on trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor sax and for the first time even a little trombone); the songs all have deep meaning for me and I'm glad to finally be sharing them in this collection.

It's a "solo" CD release for me but it was not a completely lonewolf production.  Some dear friends offered up their extraordinary talents and I am grateful for their fantastic contributions: Creighton Lindsay (guitar), Nick Rivard (guitar), Dave Storrs (percussion/drums) and Dave Leslie (piano).  Additional thanks go out to Jed Irvine and Dave Storrs for their suggestions for mixing and mastering.

blue macabre

  1. how many times
  2. swimming upstream
  3. my muse
  4. nobody’s business
  5. long way to go
  6. harry and the mannequin
  7. where u at
  8. them bones
  9. beautiful moments
  10. love the most
  11. swimming upstream (unplugged mix)


Rob Birdwell: lead and backing vocals, piano & synths, trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, tenor sax, trombone, bass, drums, melodica, percussion

Creighton Lindsay plays guitar on Swimming Upstream
Nick Rivard plays guitar on Nobody’s Business
Dave Storrs plays drums and percussion on Them Bones
Dave Leslie plays piano on Beautiful Moments

All songs written, arranged, mixed, and produced by Rob Birdwell
Copyright © Rob Birdwell

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