Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Art of The Rant

I don't understand
this world we're livin' in
how a billionaire blowhard
would ever think best to be
the President of all America 
    boom for the business
    bust for the soul
    I wanna let it all go...
                     -Rob Birdwell (from the song "Let It All Go")

Maybe the best rant is the one we keep to ourselves.  The world is awash with relentless pontifications and tirades.  Why add to the noise?

Well, why not?  Besides, the medium of song tends to soften the blow.

My song "Let It All Go" came about somewhat indirectly when I read someone else's rather nasty little rant - none of which had anything to do with my life or anything I cared much about.  But the comments made me pause to consider, imagine, and eventually provided more than enough fodder for this little song.  Recorded almost as fast as it was written, I filmed my live vocal take and then added some trumpet for this demo...or mon petit divaguer, if you will - enjoy!

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