Sunday, June 09, 2019

Halie Loren in Bandon Oregon

Bandon, Oregon - Halie Loren band/family
Pictured from left to right are: Rob Birdwell, Matt Treder, Sean Peterson, Halie Loren, and Larry Smith.
Had the great honor to join Halie Loren and band for a performance at the Sprague Community Theater in Bandon, Oregon on June 7, 2019. Incredible audience and such a nice venue. The band this night was:

  • Halie Loren - vocals, piano, ukulele 
  • Matt Treder - piano, rhodes, vocals
  • Sean Peterson - bass
  • John Raden - drums, percussion
  • Rob Birdwell - trumpet, flugelhorn
The first time I had the privilege to record some trumpet/flugelhorn solos in the studio with Halie I was thrilled and even a bit nervous as I didn't know what to expect or how she worked. I'd heard her previous work so I knew the quality of the performances and production were of the highest standard. Some studio sessions are better than others for sure.  Most of my experiences in the studio have been fun and enjoyable but there have been a couple that were absolute train wrecks for a variety of reasons.  Fortunately, every recording session with Halie and band have been the best of the best! 

First of all, Halie was running the console and doing the recording engineering herself, along with her long-time musical director/pianist extraordinaire, Matt Treder.  Both of them knew what they wanted but also kept things loose and in the moment - it's jazz after all!

Check out Halie's latest album, From the Wild Sky, which features her original material. As with all her recordings, this one is carefully crafted and features her exquisite songwriting and performances.

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