Sunday, November 30, 2003

The Buddy System

Buddy Collette interview - the dark, wet, dreary days of winter in the Pacific Northwest aren't getting me down (much). Sure, I long for those sunny days to return (and they will) but meanwhile, more time in doors mean more time for writing, practicing, study and...well, just dreaming.

I once new a composer who arranged at least one piece a week, every week, no exceptions. This kind of dicipline was intimidating at the time - but now it makes sense. It turns out that when you love to do something, there's no reason not to work on something all the time.

Last night I wrote "Los Compadres" (a jazz head tune) - the week before was "1-4-U" (a modal tune a la Maiden Voyage)...before that was "Beautiful Moments" (a vocal jazz tune)...and next week? Who knows? These days I'm finding that my little offerings are less fragmentary and more full-fledged tunes or charts. Maybe it's just a case of all my half-written works finishing themselves off - I'd hate to think it's a "maturity" thing!

I recently dug out my Buddy Collette song book that I've had in my "books to play through and study" collection for over 10 years - a great composer, performer and educator, my copy of Buddy's book bears his autograph and some kind words. Buddy was offering a clinic several years ago and I was inspired by his wisdom and gracious way. He shared many pearls of advice and his approach to Jazz; he listened, played along and gave out his song books. What a wonderful thing to pass on to students of Jazz!

Thanks for the music Buddy! It's a ray of light in these gray northwest days!

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