Monday, December 08, 2003

A Beautiful Momment?

Powered by audblogPiano/Voice over Cell Phone - a Beautiful Momment... ... or perhaps a garbled mess? Mmm...not sure this is really all that flattering musically speaking. But just for yuks my experiment was to just put the cell on the piano and try the first verse/chorus - definitely garbled and cutting out. Not sure if that's a cell thing, position of the phone, the level of my voice, the instrument, etc.. Is there some sort of mono-mini-cell-audio-input cable with an RCA or 1/4 inch stereo plug that I could use to get the output from my mixer into the cell? Maybe that would work better - at least provide a cleaner audio signal? I have a head-set w/mic so it must be possible to route a signal from a mixer to the cell's audio input port - anyone done that?

I also played a bit of Harmon muted trumpet - just noodling and nothing scientific (or even artistic) here folks. However, the cool part was that, upon listening, you'll notice that all the cell distortion, overtones (or undertones...or maybe just noise) seem to produce a mystery sound an octave lower from the pitch being played, giving off a spooky, synthesized sound. We'll hey, that might be useful to know.

Okay, I'm taking off my lab coat now. Bed time.

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