Saturday, December 13, 2003

Poor Keiko: Pneumonia means Harpoon in Norwegian!

Powered by audblogClick here to hear a funny Audio Post by my Dad! - as usual, my father showcases his wit and humor in this spontaneous audio blog. (There is much truth in jest.) Naturally we're all saddened to learn of Keiko's untimely passing - in fact, my family and I saw Keiko a number of times at the Oregon Coast Aquarium - I looked upon him with mixed feelings: a sense of awe, wonder and sadness. Whales should live where whales live - in the wild, in the Ocean.

Though this is not technically a "musical" blog entry (which I'm usually pretty strict about), you can hear what a great voice my Dad has. Enjoy and thanks for the great day trip down to Corvallis mom and dad - fun stuff - love Rob!

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