Thursday, October 14, 2004 Virtual Studio

I'll be posting the basic play along track soon so we can all begin - the tune, written within the last few weeks, is called "Jenny's Web Cam." Yes, we've all seen her site, either by happenstance, mistaken-email-topic-quick-click (right), or through extensive research. I did happen to get an email invitation to visit Jenny's web cam - hence the birth of a new song. No it's not a porno song - it's a "serious" commentary on the state of free enterprise...(ha!)

Anyway, "Jenny" should serve as a nice vehicle for this type of musical collaboration and will, I hope, be fun to record in this manner.

The "Jenny" track will feature vocals, guitar, synths, strings and horn parts (I have a sketch that includes written parts for all instruments but specifically for Violin, Cello, Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Trombone - we'll see if that's possible in this "virtual" environment), drums, percussion, background vocals. Plenty of room for lots of folks to add their unique style to the mix.

Eventually, my basic tracks might simply disappear! After listening to the basic track (suspend belief, it will be very bare bones...intentionally), if you can imagine yourself contributing in some musical way (and have the ability to record yourself at home using your own computer/software) then, by golly do it!

[Detailed instructions to follow: Musicians can download the basic track along with the lead sheet of the tune and lay down their part...soon. The file exchange will either be email (MP3 files only) or the Virtual Studio group that I set up.]

Say tuned for more on the Virtual Studio!

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