Monday, October 04, 2004

Draft Legislation in USA - HR 163

Bill Summary & Status - just a reminder that your vote counts (well, except if you voted in 2000 - if you lived in Florida at the time, that one probably didn't).

I oppose a mandatory draft - if there is a cause worth fighting for, then we do not need our government to force young men and women into harms way (possibly against their will), particularly for causes that are suspect or not what they appear to be.

I am going to vote for the candidate I believe will work to promote peace at home and throughout the world: John Kerry.

Okay, this is a musical blog - why the politics? Well, the stakes are high. Clearly there are important issues on the table: health care, security, the environment... and I firmly believe that a Kerry administration will clearly be the better alternative to the legacy Bush has left us with and seems intent on providing more of, if given the chance. And, of course, far, far down on the list are those policies that deal either directly or indirectly with art and music...yes, I believe a Kerry administration might have the foresight to put plans into place that encourage art/music programs, assist educators, and work with individuals/groups to encourage new amateur and professional opportunities in these fields. No, I'm not talking "entitlements" or government hand-outs for artists/musicians! What I'm referring to is more abstract. I'm referring specifically to an administration that recognizes the vast diversity of ways of expression and communication; an administration that values freedom of speech and enforces our constitutional rights rather than diminish them.

It's not too late to change the current course (war, fear, corruption: Bush). John Kerry is the better person for the job and will (I sure hope) bring sanity, logic, representative governing, and reason back to the role of President of the United States.

We all have a choice - this republic and our democracy will fail if we do not use our voices and exercise our rights: Vote.

Rob Birdwell

Other references and links:

Here's a Washington Time article where John Kerry stated he would not reinstate the draft.

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