Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Noteable Day of Gigs - June 14 2008

It's just after midnight as I post this little nugget - I'm usually not one to boast too much, but tomorrow (I mean today) will be a whopper of gigs!

9:00 am - Corvallis Farmers' Market: XTET featuring Tryggve Andersson on Accordion! We'll play many Swedish folk tunes, some Americana selections, Jazz and show tunes...(Tryggve is my father-in-law - it's always a great joy and honor to make music with him!)

11:00 am - Cloud 9, Corvallis Riverfront: Sideways Portal will already be in the zone...I'll shift into my spontaneous combustible suit and join in...

3:00 pm - Private Wedding: Sideways Portal to add the post nuptial good cheer music.

8:00 pm - Viking and the Svens will open and then we'll re-ignite the XTET and play a mix of originals, some perverted standards, and prominantly feature Tryggve Andersson once again on the accordion.

10:00 pm - Skol!!!

It should be a fun day of music and a good test of endurance!

As a sidebar, checkout what total strangers are doing with some horn lines I posted on - every day or so I get email alerts notifying me that so-and-so (in this case "ohlala") used a clip or two of mine in their track? Now if only one of those tracks would sell 20 or thirty million copies!!! (I know, that might take all the fun out of it!)

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