Friday, July 11, 2008

Sideways Portal - Live Video Feed

This video feed, captured by the nice folks at the Corvallis GT, is pretty neat. A short glimpse into our June 2008 performance at Sunnyside Up Cafe. Unfortunately, the audio quality from the video is sort of like listening to shattering glass hitting a steel plate - quality like this is usually reserved for stuffed animals toys that bark or growl! Despite the glistening distortions you can still catch a bit of the essence of the Portal in action.

Some things to note in this particular clip:

A new composition is borne when the lively waitress announces to the patrons "two casadias without a number" - thus inspires the rhythmic chanting and accompanying groove. But the mood soon evolves into something else entirely, then settles into yet another funky setting. Rarely do things in life stay the same and this is true of the music we're creating in the Portal. A placid groove is dissolved, shattered and moves to more dangerous territory...tempi, moods, and rhythms are mutated...the good, bad and ugly all get a voice at times! But all is forgiven...concerted shrapnel, hit-hit-stop...chaos...Dave's announcement: "Now, it's open season" - segues into a short fugue of sorts...then we go deep and dangerous again only to sum it all up with the big hit-hit ending...

Anyway, that's nice that a bit of this gig was captured - feels sort of special! Dave Storrs (Drums/Percussion), Rob Birdwell (Trumpet/Flugelhorn), John Bliss (Guitar), Page Hundemer (Bass), and Aden Kalin sitting in with us on Tenor Sax.


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