Friday, September 11, 2009

Sweet Surrender CD - Now Released on

It's been months in the making and finally "Sweet Surrender" is here! It has been quite an adventure attempting to formalize and release this collection of tunes that came about so spontaneously.

And I think the wait and work will be worth it. My hat is off to - a fine (Portland, Oregon) outlet. Those folks have done a great job pulling off a major upgrade of their site and services. The benefits and new features will, by far, outweigh any technical glitches.

Like any endeavor, we all stumble now and then. But what the world remembers is that we were bold, got up, and did our thing the best way we know how!

Thanks for your support. I do hope you enjoy the CD - I enjoyed making it. You can order single MP3 tracks, all of the tracks digitally, or the (personally autographed) physical CD if you want!


Rob Birdwell

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