Thursday, August 26, 2004

Andy Hamilton and the Blue Notes

While on a bus with my family leaving the Paris Jazz festival (a very enjoyable day in the park, with fine music that day) I got into a conversation with a guy who was a guitar player. We got on great, talked about music enthusiastically as the bus rolled along and eventually exchanged info...I gave him a complimentary copy of my Real Trumpet CD for yucks and he introduced me to a friend of his, who aparently is somewhat of a legend: Andy Hamilton.

I noticed him on the bus...he looked strongly gentle, if that makes any sense, and he looked like a man who was enjoying life...I guessed he might be in his 70s but it turns out he's well into his 80s and going strong (traveling by bus in Paris, especially a crowded festival bus, is a bit of an olympic event for even the young, let alone the young at heart).

Anyway, the guy (sorry I have his name but can't recall by memory but have it somewhere) gave me Andy's card and introduced us. He told me that Andy was quite a man and a real legend. I was honored to meet him of course, even on that crowded bus, and told Andy I looked forward to exploring his (Andy's) music...

Browsing Andy's bio, I'm proud to have met him and do look forward to hearing him play!

Rob Birdwell

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