Thursday, August 26, 2004

Playing on the Streets

I'm writing this from Stockholm, Sweden...I too have witnessed metro musicians here and throughout our travels and have personallyenjoyed playing on the streets (of Paris)...for me, playing on the street the first time felt a little like skinny dipping at a puritan picknic - not exactly knowing what the reaction would be, only to find that most folks really don't give a hoot. It's always nice though when some people stop to appreciate the music enough to contribute to the hat. For those street musicians who make a living out of this type of performance, well...that's amazing! Must be a hard road, but I have a great appreciation for what they do.

Next time you see a so-called "street musician" take a moment from your busy day and listen...and reflect on the music you're hearing. It might just make your day. And if you have any spare change, know the routine!

Rob Birdwell

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